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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting Your Picture to Show up on Blogs

Hello Blog Friends!

I'm writing a quick post to share some interesting information I've come across. It's always frustrated me that my picture only seems to show up when I post on certain blogs. Well, I recently learned of a site named  Gravatar and when you upload your signature picture it shows up on most blogs as long as you log in using the e-mail account attached to your Gravatar profile.

I tried it out tonight, and it worked!

Did you find this information helpful? I hope so.

Happy writing!


  1. Very helpful. Thanks, Wendy. Now if I can just corral one of my teens long enough to show me how to use the camera...

  2. This is interesting, thanks for the link. I'm still learning all the techy stuff about blogging...

    Hope you've been doing well, Wendy, and have a good weekend coming up! :)

  3. Hi Regina!
    Taking the picture is not the problem for me, it's loading it onto the computer!

    Hi Shelley!
    The techy stuff is not my strong point either. But little by little I'm learning!

  4. I'm with Regina. Actually it is a well known fact in my home that all children are considered techno experts in training by my hubbie. Hence, if he becomes incapacitated in any way, I have a backup system in place. BTW, their participation is not optional.


  5. Hi Amy!
    Maybe we should tackle texting before we move on to uploading pictures to the internet.

  6. Interesting. I''ve learned how to do it with blogger but I sometimes forget.