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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Finally Better

Well it's been over two weeks and I'm finally feeling better. (Although I feel a little guilty because now my husband's sick.) I heard it said that for every one day you stop writing it takes two days to get back into it. I am finding that true. Part of the reason is while I was sick I spent a good deal of time in bed, bored by what was on TV and unable to concentrate on reading. So, I let my imagination take over and came up with an idea for a new series of books I'd like to write involving soldiers returning home from the war. Now I don't know much about what's been going on in Iraq, except what I see on the news, which truth be told, I don't watch often. So I've spent hours viewing soldiers' blogs, reading their detailed observations and innermost thoughts. What an eye opener! As I jot down notes for my new series, I am conflicted about whether to run with it or continue to plug away at the sequal to Love, Hospital Style. (Maybe if I'd get some positive agent/editor feedback about the first book of this series I would be more motivated to work on the second.)

Please help me with my decision on which project I should throw myself into. What would you rather read? A story about nurse's falling in love or soldiers returning from war, adjusting to civilian life, and finding love?

Thanks for the help! I appreciate your input!


  1. Just my opinion but I like the new project because you're enthused about it now. Go with it while the iron is hot. In general I would more likely read about soldiers adjusting to civilian life and finding love than the nurse story, but that's just me. Whatever you decide make it what you want.

  2. Hi Wendy-

    Given the unfortunate fact that war is a part of our past and (ever)present history, I think exploring the mental, emotional and physical battle wounds of soldier's journey is both pertinent and poignant. Love being an essential component in coping, forgiving and healing the heart...I would go for it Nurse Wendy!!

  3. Hi Wendy,

    This is actually Billy, my mom has me on here trying to follow your blog but it doesn't seem to be working. I like the soldiers returning home idea, as gaining insight into the trials and tribulations that a soldier goes through upon returning would be very interesting. Good luck with whichever you choose and give the family my best.