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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pitch Session

While perusing the Internest, an obsession of late, I came across information that Victoria Curran, an editor with Harlequin Superromance, will be hosting an online pitch session on 2/26/10. To enter you need to send a 2-paragraph blurb about your completed manuscript by 2/15/10. Five entries will be chosen and announced on or around 2/23/10. For more info. go to or search Editor Pitch: Harlequin Superromance. Unfortunately, if you've already submitted a manuscript you cannot pitch it. Which means I need to get busy on my work in progress. If I can write 10 pages a day (which doesn't sound like a lot but is) I may just make it.

And for you sports fans out there, J*E*T*S* Jets, Jets, Jets! In my high school days I would have followed that cheer with a cartwheel and a split. I'm sorry to say those days are long gone.


  1. Hi Wendy-
    I have faith that you can complete your manuscript and submit the blurb entry by the deadline, which is a little shy of 1 month. What a great opportunity to get feedback in a timely manner! Lets hope for no snow days or too many unexpected interruptions. I remember your limber cheerleading days...why not add a herkey for good luck.

  2. Fantastic. Wish I had a superromance to pitch myself but I would be very interested in her comments to other people's including yours. Thanks for the info. Good luck.