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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Hi All!

As I look toward the future (and procrastinate in the present), I think about marketing my book. (You know, the one I am revising that has not yet been accepted for publication and may never be!)

Anyway, I came across this article Using Facebook to Amplify Your Reach (and Not Annoy People) that I think you may find helpful.

I have a Facebook account but don't visit all that often. Do you Facebook? Do you have a professional/business profile in addition to your private one? Do you spam your friends with advertisements for your books? (Or do you plan to once you have books published?)


  1. Like you I have a facebook account and I visit it when I get a message saying something I have done but I don't do much else.

  2. I think we've had this discussion before. I dislike FB for the most part. I know Liz and some of our other chaptermates prefer it. I personally prefer Twitter and email loops and blogging and posting comments on other people's blogs. I'm trying to keep up with Carina Press on FB now. But there's like a zillion Carina places I'm involved in, a Carina Author's email loop, the Carina blog, the Carina forums on eHarlequin Community. The Carina individual authors' blogs (which I'm now listing on MY blog, btw). Because Carina is digital first, social networking is a big thing. As a footnote to the possible worth of FB: My editor, who was away for much of the summer, just saw me comment on FB and emailed me that Healing Hearts is now tentatively scheduled for 2/28! Looks like final deadlines are November. Hopefully, the Wild Rose Press novella will be finished before then! Which I should be working on even as I fiddle around here!

  3. Hi Janet!
    Thanks for stopping by.

    Hi Taryn!
    I've posted about Twitter, not Facebook. I still don't Twitter. (Worried I'd become addicted.) Congrats on your upcoming release. Can't wait to read it.

  4. I'll told I should use FB, but honestly I just don't want to spend the time on it.

  5. Hi Regina!
    I set up my profile a while ago, mostly to see what my children were up to. It was great to connect with friends from high school and college. I go on maybe once a week/every two weeks, unless I get a message to my e-mail prompting me to go sooner. There are some people who send out spam re: investments and dietary supplements. I haven't received any author spam though.

  6. Hey, Wendy!

    I use Facebook to connect with family and authors. And, unless my future publisher dictates it, I don't plan on using Facebook for publicity.

    Abbi :-)

  7. Hi Abbi!
    I guess I would use Facebook to tell my good news, like most people do....Hey I sold my book. My book will be out on Friday. (Can't wait to say both!!!) That sort of thing. But I don't plan to be obnoxious about it. I guess that's why writers start fan pages.

  8. Hi Abbi!
    I guess I would use Facebook to tell my good news, like most people do....Hey I sold my book. My book will be out on Friday. (Can't wait to say both!!!) That sort of thing. But I don't plan to be obnoxious about it. I guess that's why writers start fan pages.

  9. Hi Wendy,
    FB is a good tool for making friends and keeping in touch with old friends. Yes, I talk about my accomplishments and they do the same. And we're pleased to know how everyone is.

    I'm a fan of yours, Wendy

  10. I love facebook. Since I don't have any book out - I do notify when I've updated my blog which I didn't think my friends read but then I was a t a party and they all started mentioning it - so THAT was cool.

  11. Hi Liz!
    It's nice when out of the blue someone comments on something you've written on your blog or Facebook.

  12. I'm way late to this party. lol I use FB. I use it to connect to friends as well as other authors. I put up posts about my book when I receive exciting news about something, or occasionally when I have a blog, or even just a "I'm having a crap day" sort of emotional post. Basically I use it to connect, to share things. Most of my friends do very similar things. It's like chatting with a friend. You put up a post that says, "I need a hug" and people leave you hugs. you know? I don't spam people though I do get the occasional thing from other authors, but I don't get much. I get more crap from people who play those stupid games FB has. Personally, I like it. I haven't converted to Twitter yet. I don't see the need. It feels like just another FB and I don't need another one I have to keep up on. lol

    my 4 cents. For all they're worth. :)

  13. Hi Wendy! I have a FB account under my real name and a Twitter account as Shoshanna Evers. On FB I catch up with old friends and post a lot about my family and friends, but I also post my good news (book release, new cover, blurb up on site, etc) on my wall (*never* as an email or private message!!). I'm still getting used to Twitter, but so far I'm using it to keep up with other authors and publishers (and yes, some friends, there is always cross-over). I'm *way* more addicted to FB than I am to Twitter, lol.

  14. Hi Joanne!
    You're never too late to chime in on a post. Please friend me! Otherwise the next time I hop onto FB I'll try to figure out how to friend you. I know about the games. I don't play them but people send me stuff. A friend sent me a cow one. I thanked her for the thoughtful gesture but returned him!

  15. Hi Shoshanna!
    I haven't tried Twitter yet. I did a post about it a while back. FB works for me for now. With Twitter I think I'd feel the need to be on it constantly so I didn't miss anything.

  16. Wendy, I can't find you on FB. email me and send me the url? go to your profile (click on your name) and copy the url and send it to me? Then I'll friend you...