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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Story Structure

Hi All!

On Friday, August 6th I visited Romance University and was introduced to author Larry Brooks who runs a very informative blog Today (August 10th) he has up a post about story structure and a link to a story structure poster that some of you may find helpful. I tried to copy the link but couldn't, so I highly recommend you visit Larry's blog and give a look.

I hope it helps!


  1. I follow Alexandra Sokoloff's blog, although I don't always have an opportunity to stop by.

    She writes about the three-act structure, as it applies to movies and screenplays, generally, but it's also applicable to any type of fiction, really. You might find her helpful.

  2. Loving the circus tent picture - if only I could get it to print on one page!

  3. Thanks for the link, Taryn. I'll have to check it out.

    Hi Susan!
    I got it to print but the text is small. I can still read it....with my glasses...ugh!

  4. I'll give that blog a look. Janet